FIRMARE is a consulting company specialized in implementing Food Safety and Quality Management System.

We develop customized solutions to your business, seeking balance between your reality and regulatory requirements. Our mission is helping you to build a Food Safety and Quality Culture.
Icone Consultoria


Understand and implement a Food Safety and Quality Management System based on local legislation and market trends. Learn More
Icone Auditoria


Ensure your company or partner processes are according to your Management System. Learn More
Icone Treinamentos


Customized training to engage all employees in Food Safety and Quality Management. Learn More
Icone Rotulagem


Make your national or imported product possible on local legislation, from label elaboration to ANVISA and MAPA approval. Learn More

Why implementing a Food Safety and Quality Management System?

Icone Branco Restaurantes
Exceed your most demanding customers’ expectations and comply with legal requirements that are constantly updated. Learn More
Icone Branco Industrias
Expand your business and ensure that your food is in accordance with the strictest international Standards. Learn More