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Why Implementing a Food Safety and Quality Management System – FIRMARE Consulting

Restaurants and Food Service


  • Consumers increasingly demanding
  • Dissatisfaction is immediately multiplied in social media
  • Increase of away from home meals
  • Legal requirements frequently updating
  • Front line handling and in contact with final customer


  • Customized processes
  • Qualified and trained employees
  • Managers with a critical view of your business
  • Legal requirements undisturbedly complied
  • Results monitoring by Top Management
  • Approved suppliers to ensure quality standard

Firmare consulting for restaurants

Food Industry


  • Increase of industrialized products number
  • Fast development of new ingredients and contaminants
  • Legal requirements frequently updating
  • Consumers increasingly demanding
  • Stricter governments and civil society


  • Production processes improvement
  • Rework reduction
  • Increase of customer satisfaction
  • Minimization of legal problems and conflicts
  • International growth opportunities
  • Compliance with large brands requirements

Firmare consulting for industries